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Cam Ryder from the Cam Ryder Extreme Episode ''White House Madness''


Cam Ryder in 2007.

Cam Ryder is a cartoon character created by Cam Waycaster about himself being born in 1987 instead of 2001 and suddenly turns into a dictator wannabe and tries to be awesome.

Cam Ryder and his Life Size Dancing Grinch, September 2013


Cam Ryder from the comic series.

His cartoon series started on YouTube, but at first, only one episode was made called ''Cam Ryder VS The Anti Fun Group!''
Cam ryder 2000

Cam Ryder in 2000.

Comic Series Edit

In Cam Ryder Adventures Issue #1, Cam Ryder invades Purple Inc. He blew up a soldier with a grenade

launcher, and one of the soldiers told the General, Emily Gilbert that the attack was happening. She released the "hounds" and Cam Ryder escaped. In the new Cam Ryder comic series, When Cam Ryder got home, he researched the Purple Inc group and saw Emily on their website. He instantly fell in love and came over her house with a purple cap and roses. Emily accidentally shot Cam, thinking he was a intruder. After that, they instantly fell in love.

Death Edit

Cam Ryder was killed by a pistol in a Cam Ryder And Friends short. A assassin played the main part of the killing. He also killed Gregory. He was revived by Thalia in the episode ''Cam Ryder Returns''.

Cam Ryder sending planes to destroy ISIS bases, Kuwait, August, 2014.

Trivia Edit

For some reason, Cam Ryder loves wearing berets and has a obsession with war. This might be due to ISIS and other political situations.
Cam ryder 10

Cam Ryder burning down a Anti Fun Group Base, November, 2015.

Cam Ryder has a POW camp and sometimes tortures prisoners with videos of very terrifying scary screamers when they won't answer Cam Ryder's questions.

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Cam Ryder in ''Quest Of Bluefire''.

Cam Ryder's awesomeness can even make him go to other universes. The most popular example being when Cam Ryder traveled to Flamelandia in David Solon's cartoon, ''Quest Of Bluefire'', and also does the Wilhelm Scream when thrown back to earth by a robot monkey.

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