Saban Ryder is Cam Ryder's son. He only appears in the comic series.

Comic Series Edit

Saban Ryder was born on August 3, 2017. 8 years later, his Dad, Cam Ryder suggested that Saban play football. He ended up in the NFL kids league and was drafted to the JR Detroit Lions. He was the 2nd running back for the team. In their 3rd game of the year, the Lions went against the Jets. In the last 2 seconds of the game, he scored a touchdown, beating the Jets. The Lions scored 10, while the Jets scored 5. Then a tuscaloosa pirate came in and shot Sabans Dad. He died at the scene, but was revived the next day.

Saban was very devastated by his fathers death. He ended up seeing his father again 12 years later, when he was stopping a robbery and caught his Dad as one of he robbers.

Death Edit

Saban Ryder died in the comics due to a nuclear explosion in Egypt while spending the night at a hotel. His cousin Zach Ryder was there also. Egypt used the nuke due to violent protests.

Trivia Edit

Saban Ryder is a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan.